New Single from Tre’mendous: Can’t You See {IN STORES NOW}

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Tre’mendous-Listen on Spotify

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Here’s a playlist of my favorite songs, follow me on Spotify for my latest releases!

Tre’mendous on Spotify

🎼New 🎷Music 🎹Coming🎸

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Just so you all know, I’ve been hard at work- rounding the troops and getting ready for the sonic onslaught that’s about to be unleashed on the masses… Working with great talent and coming up with better music than before, I have to give a shout out to up and coming artists like Fyness, Dennis the Menace and Connect –

To Southern Hip-Hop Pioneers and legends like Big Mike (Convicts, Geto Boys)

Without these awesome people helping me make this upcoming project a reality I don’t think it would have been quite the same. Can’t wait to drop this Album for the listeners in the next few months.


Who knows…if I get enough streams I may give the project away for FREE.


All A Dream 16 feat. Big Mike

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What it Do Do?

After a long hiatus from the music business as an Artist,I have decided to return to the booth. There have been many inquiries as to if I am “still rapping” or “still doing music” by old friends and fans who aren’t aware of the many roles I have held behind the scenes in the entertainment business. Which is understandable, I have been avoiding the spotlight for a reason. I made it my business to learn all of the ins and outs,the intricacies of the business and how a music project comes to market.You know, all of the tasks and jobs that need to be fulfilled after the Artist delivers the finished product. The Artwork, the press releases, the Videography to songs, Marketing to your targeted demographic, securing a promotional budget,etc.

You see,the last time I was involved in a major label as an Artist was 2000,17 years ago. I have dealt with them as a consultant,manager,and executive since then- and it has been hard to make the transition back to the way they tend to deal with artists. So even though I have been digitally releasing music worldwide since 2008, they were all independently released and promoted with grassroots budgets-so unless you were an early supporter or just up on your Southern Hip-Hop you might have slept on them. Nevertheless there are a lot of people who can’t connect the dots that I have been rapping since 1997 and got my first  brake with RapALot, a hip-hop producer by the name of N.O. Joe and a M.C. who goes by the name Big Mike…

All A Dream was released back in 1997, on RapALot/NooTrybe/Virgin and was produced by the legendary Mike Dean.

I had fun redoing this classic with the Big Homie, and it was a pleasure to have made history with such greats.


I don’t just 🎤 RHYMES, I make BEATS 🎶

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While boys been busy playing 🎮, I been hard at work in the 🎛 trying to bring home the 🏆. Writing 🎞 treatments and doing all the production (every 🎸🎹🎻) and trying to get my music 📻 everywhere. See, I don’t function like your typical artist does,it takes more to up hold an attribute like Tre’mendous .
This is the era of the do-it-all creative, we sculpt our visions and mold our ideas solely with our handi- (& foot) work.

Music,words,images…all our (the modern musician) art. Technology makes possible today what would have been impossible just 5 years ago. Not anymore. Hell, 5 years ago I was only a “rapper”. Welcome to the era of the New Creative.

 When you 👀  Me – Chunk up the ✌🏿


End of a Year, New 🎶, New 👀

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As we prepare to bring in 2017,and I’m fine tuning new music, its only right I come with a new design for my website. New outlook on life,  new connections, and a new sound. Lets get it!