I don’t just 🎤 RHYMES, I make BEATS 🎶

Dec 14, 2016 by trizzaygetem - 0 Comments

While boys been busy playing 🎮, I been hard at work in the 🎛 trying to bring home the 🏆. Writing 🎞 treatments and doing all the production (every 🎸🎹🎻) and trying to get my music 📻 everywhere. See, I don’t function like your typical artist does,it takes more to up hold an attribute like Tre’mendous .
This is the era of the do-it-all creative, we sculpt our visions and mold our ideas solely with our handi- (& foot) work.

Music,words,images…all our (the modern musician) art. Technology makes possible today what would have been impossible just 5 years ago. Not anymore. Hell, 5 years ago I was only a “rapper”. Welcome to the era of the New Creative.

 When you 👀  Me – Chunk up the ✌🏿


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