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Letter from the founder of Tremendous Media

First off I would like to say thanks for stopping by and visiting our site! I know there’s literally billions of different places you can be right now on the – web and in the real world – other than our site, so I won’t waste much of your time…

Since you are here, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you are looking for Instrumentals… so allow me to explain some of what we do. We sell original music for very affordable prices, based on flexible licensing options.

Maybe you are an aspiring artist looking for original music to help your next demo or mixtape stand out from the over-saturated market, while at the same time leaving the option open for you to monetize your art yourself if all else fails?

Or maybe you are the next YouTube star on the rise, who’s lost the option to monetize your videos due you choosing to use your favorite bands song in your videos for the last time, and you need original music to avoid that all that drama?

And you, the fitness guru who owns their own gym, and you need some original music to teach your trademarked techniques in your workouts?

We haven’t forgotten about the independent director working on the next documentary to win the Sundance Award , looking for everything from great cinematic scores to hip dubstep and grittyhip-hip to add sonic dimension to their masterpiece.For that matter, ANY BUSINESS that does broadcasted advertising wouldn’t necessary want to license a Beyoncé song for their radio/TV commercial either…

We understand the broad need for original music , and the type of foresight that’s needed to accommodate our potential clients who come from multiple industries .

This is the reasoning behind our affordable prices for music production. There’s no sense in charging an artist who working on a demo the same as an artist with a major label. And an independent artist shouldn’t get charged the way an artist signed to a major label does either. What about the YouTube Reviewer? The mom and pop donut shop owners and bail bond companies don’t know a thing about royalties and mechanical publishing rights, simply because they don’t apply to their industries.

This is why our license tiers are the most reasonable way to offer our customers great services at even greater prices.

And when it comes to our other services: Cover Art/Album/Logo Design , Mastering and Custom Music Production Services; Even the upcoming Sound Libraries, Sample Packs and merchandise – will be some of the most competitively priced products in the market.

I welcome you to come along with us on a journey, in hopes we can assist you in your quest for success and greatness.


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