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Tre’mendous somewhere near the Texas/Mexico border-Summer 2016


There is an aura of mystique about the artist who goes by the name Tre’mendous. Born Tremayne Scranton on October 1st, 1978 – a fast-learner and well mannered, the oldest child of his siblings. Lanky, bright-eyed and taller than most of his peer group- the left-handed lyricist was always popular for his age if a quirky oddball amongst his friends.

A Butterfly Collared Summer 1982

Raised in the West End area of Houston, Texas – a rough, barren inner city neighborhood now re-annexed and known as the upscale Midtown, he was fortunate enough to have found a creative outlet to preoccupy his idle time.

He wrote his first rap in a D.A.R.E school program for 5th grade students at Spring Branch Middle School. Since then he had an affinity for songwriting. Never one to shy away from expressing hisself, speaking his mind and following his heart- he was well-known and generally liked, known for his laidback, friendly, talkative persona. The sheer fact he didn’t mind standing out from the crowd and blazing his own path, especially if fitting in meant a loss in his sense of self-identity-earned him the respect of the “street dudes” in his neighborhood.
His rapping abilities caught the attention of industry insiders having a knack for witty ideas and quick penmanship , and he got his first break as a ghostwriter for local artists, producers, and label owners at the young age of 13.

By the time he turned 18, Tre’ had several record deals to choose from and worked with quite a few major record labels, most notably NooTrybe- the urban music branch of Virgin Records.

Even at the young age of 18, TrizzayGetEm knew how to radiate his colorful aura to those who knew him


Taking advantage of his powerful connections and broad reaching network, he allowed his self to be under the mentorship of several southern M.C.’s while working with them, from southern pioneer  Big Mike to hip-hip stars  Scarface and Pimp C – all while learning production tips and skill sets from hip-hop producers such as N.O. Joe and Mike Dean. Rounding off his signature sound and rhyming techniques with his own persona and broad music tastes.
After one too many false promises and false starts with production and record labels, Tre decided to take the executive side of his career into his own hands, renamed himself Tre’mendous and started his own multimedia firm Tre’mendous Media.

Rounding out his expertise with an education in Interactive Media Design, Tre’mendous broadened his creative reach and supercharged his artistic concepts by being hands on with Photography, Videography, Graphic and even Web Design.

No longer just a recording artist or musician, Tre’mendous is set out to pioneer a new generation of Creative Artists- taking full responsibility and control of their intellectual property and building their own Media Empires in the process.

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